『Sometimes it's hard to love me... 』

【Sometimes it's hard to love you too】

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Welcome to Dee and Connie's fic journal.

We hereby disclaim any possession of all characters used in these fics. They all belong to their respective selves. (Unless stated otherwise) And we are in no way, associated with any of them. Please take note that all works are fictional and hence not REAL. Also, we will not force you to read our works because we WILL write anything from crack to drama to alternate-universe to male-pregnancy or malexmale, so if you don't like that concept, then please don't READ it. Simple as that. Flames will be ignored because you have obviously not read this caution.

That asides, let's be friends, shall we? :D

the authors.
Connie: I started writing back in 2004 but gave up because I hated everything about my writing. I tried again in 2008 and the feel of writing has been drifting in and out of my consciousness ever since. Sometimes I do write, but most of the time I just want to write but don't. Words don't come to me as easy as my thoughts do, so my pieces are few and far in between. Drabbles are my specialty because I tend to pen down phrases and snippets of thoughts more than trying to attempt a storyline.

Dee: <3

the fics.
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