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[fic] yoosu/ot5; Journey Around the World With 80 Dollars

Title: Journey Around the World With 80 Dollars
Author: konnistique
Pairing: Yoochun+Junsu; OT5
Length: One-shot, ~1000w.
Genre: General/Friendship/Fluff
Summary: Yoochun travels around the world in one day, taking with him the catastrophe that is Kim Junsu Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters, the title belongs to Twin's '八十塊環遊世界', lyrics are Delta's 'Angels in the Room', don't own anything 'cept for the (crappy) writing basically.

This is for Yoochun's Birthday. But is also very much dedicated to u_knowiloveyou/ Sheryl . See, I wasn't going to write this because I was still drained from the aftermath of writing a Naruto fic. I was inspirationless and not very happy. But Gods, this amazing amazing amazing girl comes along and just.. alsdjlkajsd takes my heart in her hands and puts all these magical spells and charms on it. *~* Why so wonderful, precious? She encouraged and prompted (and verbal-pampered my ego!) me along. If you haven't done so, read her Chun bday fic too! (:

ilusm bb. you don't even knowwww~ STOP MAKING ME CRRRRY. ♥ ♥ ♥
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And i want to stay
I feel safe here in your light
This must be what heaven's like
Must be angels in the room tonight

Journey Around the World with 80 Dollars.

( I just know I have found...)


Yoochun opens his eyes to Venice at eight in the morning.

The blinds are drawn, enclosing the room in semi-darkness and he closes his eyes to envision-- the sun dancing rays of cha-cha against walls of ancient buildings that whispers century-old mysteries; envisions a dreamlike maiden voyage down a narrow canal of crystal teardrops; envisions double silhouettes strolling over a stone-built bridge, heart-in-heart. He hears slight tingles of pure laughter rolling around in lushes of green. He sees birds fluttering about tree branches, atop statues of beauties frozen with time, through skies of cloudless blue-- in pairs; in what feels like lo--

His door bursts open and Junsu topples in a flying heap onto his bed, shrieking half-muffled words into his covers.

"It's breakfast time!! Oh, and by the way, Changmin stole all your pancakes!"

Yoochun snaps his eyes open, but Junsu has already shattered his realm of peace.


Yoochun walks into America right in time for breakfast.

The table is spread with milk, pancakes, and too many cereal not in bowls of fancy china. The television is droning some uninteresting game show no one pays attention to and the dining table is a marketplace in disguise. Changmin and Junsu are having their daily bicker, only today it's in the form of a cereal war. Yunho is helping flip more pancakes in the kitchen while Jaejoong is trying to break the two squabbling duo apart with a spatula.

Yoochun sits down and hides a smile when Junsu throws a handful of cereal at Jaejoong and watches it turn into a game of cat and mouse around the dining table amidst Yunho's yells of something burning and Changmin's claim of no more pancakes. Nothing like natural music to compliment his breakfast.

He reaches for a glass of milk after Junsu calms down and Jaejoong returns to the kitchen to salvage burnt pancakes, and turns his eyes to the pair across from him, "Which one of you stole my black sweater with the hood?"

Changmin points to Junsu with a slice of buttered toast.

"I borrowed it yesterday and it's in the wash right now," Junsu then throws across the table to him, a clean, black jacket that smells of cardboard and storage rooms. It knocks a second box of cereal to the floor. "Here, you can wear mine!"

Yoochun watches it rain honey-flavored smiley faces around him.

"Hate to say it, but your aim really suck," Changmin supplies helpfully with a smirk.


Yoochun spends some quality time with Yunho in Japan after lunch.

The trees outside sway to the beat of calamity and stray leaves fall like petals of cherry blossoms in Spring. Yoochun breathes in the scent of sweets and tranquil silence as he watches Yunho ponder scatters of Japanese phrases in a magazine. He takes a sip of steaming green tea from his mug and points to a word.

"Tabi," Yunho tells him, "Journey--"

Without warning, Junsu throws himself across their laps and swipes a skewer of dango from the coffee table. Before either of them could trap him to the couch, Junsu is already flying back out of the room with cheek for wings, throwing a sprinkle of invitations in his wake.

"Come join us on a pirate journey, we're watching One Piece in Jaejoong's room!"

Yunho and Yoochun share a look.

"--of a lifetime," Yoochun finishes for him.


It was an unanimous vote for dessert in Paris that evening.

Yoochun sits on one swing with a chocolate gelato in his hands, Junsu sits next to him, cheek by jowl, with strawberry swirl and Jaejoong and Yunho takes turns throwing him--higher, higher, please!--into a sky dyed with brilliant jets of orange and pale pink. Yoochun pretends he doesn't see Changmin stealing his gelato and swings himself to match Junsu's height. Surrounded by echoes of laughter, he adds his own to complete the instrument-less, harmonic piece.

"A painting that steals hearts by the handful," Changmin tells him later, and Yoochun doesn't know if he's talking about the scenery or the picture the five of them together make.

They head back home, arms around shoulders and friendly jabs left and right. Junsu dumps his strawberry swirl into Yoochun's hands.

"Free ice cream," he says cheekily and Yoochun feels he gained more than just ice cream in this city of love.


Nightfall brings a sparkle of stars into Yoochun's hands and he finds himself standing in the heart of Korea.

He's standing behind a wall outside the kitchen that is bathed in dim lighting-- a candlelit sea of secrets. There are muffled giggles and hushed whispers behind him and he finds himself biting back a smile.

"Yoochun likes more strawberries!"

"No, he likes more chocolate frostings!"

"Hush, you two! He'll hear us!"

"...that's a bit too much icing, don't you think?"

"Where did you put the packet of chocolate chips, Junsu?"

"Ah! It's in Yoochun's room!"


Yoochun tip-toes stealthily back into his room and under the covers. He picks up a random novel just one second before Junsu bursts into the room. He gives Yoochun a sheepish grin and shuffles about through a mess of plastic bags under the desk. Yoochun eyes him amusedly for a minute.

"Oh by the way, Junsu, thank you for the wonderful trip around the world today."

Junsu eyes him curiously.

"And you can have your jacket back."

"Nah keep it, think of it as an early birthday present!" and he dashes out of the room with one last promise of a smile of sunshine for tomorrow.

"...and your book is upside down!"

Yoochun laughs and throws down the book to pick up the jacket that still smells of department store shelves. He notices a tag and flips it over.

'Eighty dollars.'

He laughs again at Junsu's hopelessness, 'Home, sweet, home, indeed.'

( ...the place my heart belongs )


A/N: So um, Junsu fails with price tags? :D And.. I don't know what to think right now. Maybe you can tell me what to feel? ;; Feedback/comments are very much appreciated! Thank you for dropping by! ♥