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[fic] Minsu - If you had all the money in the world

Title: If you had all the money in the world, maybe I won’t be this happy.
Author: konnistique
Pairing: Changmin/Junsu
Length: One-shot, ~1700w.
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Summary: This Valentine’s Day, Changmin uses all the money he has saved up and takes Junsu on a spontaneous trip to Venice.
Disclaimer: See profile.
For: Valentines Day 2009 :D Minsu needs more loving ♥
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And maybe, I'll find out
The way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days
~'Wherever You Will Go', The Calling

This Valentine’s Day, Changmin uses all the money he has saved up and takes Junsu on a spontaneous trip to Venice.


The first twilight finds them both lost in the streets far, far away from the waters—the closest to it being the lingering scent. The sun is barely shining the first rays of light and it finds Junsu atop the trunk of an old, broken down car, belting out old nursery rhymes at Changmin, who is leaning against the car next to him holding a half-empty bottle of light alcohol. He brings the bottle to his lips again—more for the rush of adrenaline than intoxication—amidst broken tunes about sheep and cows, and smiles at the beginning of a new day.

Junsu stops mid-verse and frowns slightly. Where are we going next?

Changmin kicks a stray pebble and shrugs back in reply. The day is still young, too young, for Changmin to plan and he finds himself unable, unwilling, to stain a fresh page with spilled ink, so therefore, leaves Junsu’s question unanswered and ignored. He holds the glass bottle out of Junsu’s line of reach when the other makes a swipe for the strawberry cruiser.

If I have all the money in the world right now, I’d buy you a map. Junsu gives up, crosses his arms over his chest and smirks as if he had just beat Changmin at his own game.

Why a map? Changmin lets him boast, just for today. Because, then you can read it for me and get us... un-lost. Changmin stares at him for a long moment. Junsu holds his gaze back steadily, almost challenging, eyes sparkling with mischief and Changmin has the wildest urges to kiss that smirk off his face.

If I have all the money in the world, I’d buy you some risks. He counters quietly, earning the pretty smirk to be replaced by another frown on Junsu’s face.

Why risks?

Because that’s all you need when you’re with me. Was all Changmin says. He drops the bottle in for recycling before walking off down the street towards the rising sun.

And Junsu follows, pretends he doesn’t notice the corners of a map sticking out from Changmin’s back pockets, and thinks maybe he doesn’t really want that map after all.


Midday finds the both of them rocking gently down the calm waters of a narrow canal with Junsu tapping a tuneless rhythm along the sides of the boat. Changmin is lying next to him, eyes closed and silently picturing the reflections of ancient buildings swimming in ripples against the water. The birds chirping, the distant youthful laughter, the water splashing quietly against the oars, coupled with Junsu’s periodic taps creates a natural melody Changmin would’ve never called music. But the sounds of love are undeniable in his ears.

Junsu flings an arm across Changmin’s stomach suddenly, and sticks his tongue out. If I have all the money in the world right now, I’d buy me some ice cream soda. He pants and answers Changmin’s unasked question, tugging the sleeves of his shirt insistently. Because I’m dying with dehydration over here.

Changmin cracks open an eye and stares back at him indifferently, the consistent, strong sense of sound breaking with Junsu’s outburst. He pulls his sleeves out of the other’s grasp, closes his eyes again and shifts into a more comfortable position, sticking his arms behind to pillow his head. If I have all the money in the world right now, I’d buy you a kiss to shut you up. He mumbles, none too coherently.

A what?

…a kiss to quench your thirst.

And Junsu shuts up immediately. A slight breeze blows sunshine into his hair, and he thinks, maybe he doesn’t really want the ice cream soda after all.


The late afternoon finds Junsu humming a soft, rusty tune, a song that has yet to be written. They are heading back to the hotel on foot—‘enjoying the afternoon scenery’ Changmin says—and the bridge in front of him is rocky and uneven. He doesn’t reach out for Changmin’s hand, instead, skips forward, jumps over cracks in the path—like he used to do when he was three and a little too young to be walking without a hand guiding him— and prays that he falls. He doesn’t.

But Changmin slips a hand in his anyway, just in case. You’re never too young.

To be falling?

Yes, to be falling.
He agrees.

If I have all the money in the world, I’d buy you a car. Junsu tells him, laughter and smiles reflecting in his eyes. He doesn’t stop skipping and their interlocked hands swing back and forth like an overworked pendulum.

Why a car? Changmin asks, just to humour him. Because, then we don’t have to walk. And you can drive me anywhere and everywhere, all around the world. Junsu replies, as if it’s the most obvious answer, and Changmin doesn’t bother to remind him that he technically won’t need a car here. The heat of the setting sun shines in agreement against Junsu’s dark tresses, almost highlighting a halo which Changmin thinks is ridiculous and pushes his sunglasses further up the bridge of his nose.

If I have all the money in the world, maybe I’d buy you Venice. He picks up the tune Junsu’s humming.

Junsu gapes at him slightly. Why Venice?

So you can make it your home. To have somewhere to return to after your trip around the world. But Changmin doesn’t tell him that.

And Junsu tugs Changmin a little closer—to make falling a little bit easier, safer—and thinks, maybe he doesn’t really want a car after all.


The evening finds Junsu outside in the hotel’s courtyard, sitting on a stone bench and facing two lovebirds decorating a fountain. He swings his feet back and forth and contemplates a name for the tune he’s been humming all day (which will be the perfect gift for Changmin). He barely notices Changmin taking a seat beside him and continues to hum; feet continues to swing in time with the tune. The sound of water splashing from the fountain lulls them into silence until Junsu breaks it.

If I have all the money in the world, I’d buy you a field of roses—a whole field, with hundreds —no, thousands of roses. Nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine of them. Junsu says teasingly, then beams, bright and beautiful, almost rendering him speechless and Changmin wonders how mere words can turn his insides into such a mess. He snaps out of his daze and brings out a long-stem from behind his back.

Here’s your ten-thousandth one then. And Junsu’s heart stops; skips the beat Changmin had just stolen from him.

If I have all the money in the world Junsu, I’d buy you the sky of stars above. He pauses, and waits for the reply he knows will follow after.

Why the stars? Junsu asks, words brimming with curiosity. You’re never too young to be curious.

Because everytime I look up at the night sky, the stars always spell your name.

Junsu squints upwards. Where…

And Changmin laughs, the sound resonating music in Junsu’s ears (and he can feel the inspiration of a song title prickling). There.

Where… my name is where?

He isn’t pointing to the sky, Junsu notes, even though he is eyeing the twinkling dots above, but rather, Changmin has his hand over his chest.

Then Junsu understands. Oh.

And he thinks, maybe he doesn’t really want those nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine roses (ten thousand), and neither does he really want the sky of stars after all.

(But if it’s Changmin’s heart… maybe.)


The second twilight finds them both snuggled deep under the covers, warm in each other’s arms. Junsu reaches an arm out to brush stray strands out of Changmin’s eyes, knowing full well the other was awake and aware. Changmin keeps his eyes closed and grabs Junsu’s hand, tucking it back under the covers for warmth. The early morning is quiet and the world outside is still mostly deep in slumber. Somewhere outside a bell chimes and there’s a momentary flutter of wings, but Changmin knows it will be another handful of hours before he will feel ready to wake up.

It’s a new day. Junsu draws miscellaneous shapes all over him. Triangle. Square. Circle. The sun.


What are we going to do today?

Changmin pauses and shrugs. He leaves that page of the diary blank as well, opting to gift Junsu another unscripted day. It’s better not knowing.

It’s better not knowing. Junsu repeats. He doesn’t want to know either.

Junsu’s breaths are warm on his neck and his skin tingles under the other’s touch. Changmin opens his eyes to catch his soul swimming in Junsu’s gaze. The dark pools lock onto his own and he sees reflections of promises. Promises of today, tomorrow and maybe the rest of his life, and he finally knows…

If I have all the money in the world, I’d—

And Changmin shuts him up the only way he knows how. If you had all the money in the world, maybe I won’t be this happy..

…and maybe I won’t love you this much.

Omake. (just a bit of silliness :D)

I’m smart right, Changmin?

…well, let me see…

—wait, ow. Stop knocking my head!

Your brain seems to be expiring soon, you might have to get a new one.

If you had all the money in the world, would you buy me a new brain?

Stupid, human brains are not for sale.

….they will be, when I get yours auctioned on eBay.

(you are NOT auctioning my brain off!

hey, it comes with the 'boyfriend' package. You're supposed to say 'yes' to everything I want!

...in that case, will you dress up as a maid for me, complete with laces, frills and garters?

what? heck N

—ah! what's this about the 'boyfriend' package again?

...i mean, heck yes!)

more works? :O

happy valentines day ♥

A/N: Oh my minsu heart, flails and flails for their special love ♥ a;lsdklasd :x Comments are welcomed, appreciated and loved. :) Hope your day with your significant other will be special~! i shall wallow in my lackthereof ;~~~;