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30 November 2009 @ 05:00 pm
[fic] ygo; kaiba/jounouchi -- the autumn of my life  
Title: The autumn of my life (and you've gone ahead)
Author: konnistique
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh DM
Pairing: Kaiba/Jounouchi
Length: Double drabble; 200w
Genre: Angst
Summary: Jounouchi dies (again), but this time in Kaiba's arms. And there's something terribly wrong with that scene.
Disclaimer: Don't own 'cept the plot. Prompt from October 6 @ 31_days; They whisper, "Goodbye, goodbye," in a falling mist
Rant: Disjointed piece again. But everyone on my flist knows I'm suffering mild depression so idek. And I broke my record of a-fic-a-month. Damn.
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I regret the moment we met
and the way you pretended.
I regret the sun that day,
its warmth so artificial,
and I regret the way pain
has taught me nothing.

~RSVP Regrets Only, Linda Pastan

And together they whisper,

Jounouchi's hand feels ice cold in his grasp. He squeezes it as if his own warmth can somehow transfer into the numb fingers he's holding. His other hand is placed right over the--beating, (slow) beating--which beats crimson under his touch (and his own skips a beat for the person lying before him). There's something terribly wrong with this scene.

Cerulean blue meets chocolate brown through the drizzle in the air. They both try to blink away the blur (was it just the rain?). Don't tell me if I'm dying. A choked voice shatters the silence (and his heart). You're not going to die, he wants to say (but would that be lying?). Help is on the way, he tries again (but is it, really?). I won't miss you (of course not). That dies on his tongue too. So, he settles for, there's something terribly wrong with this scene.

A smile ghosts upon the other's face (the only warmth he managed to salvage). You can say that again. And the hand drops from his hold (everything within him plummets with it). The slight breeze carries with it nothing (but)--

'Goodbye, goodbye', in the falling mist.


A/N: YGO does strange things to me :| So does piano music-- especially this (link later). Questions? Sorry, but I don't have many answers. Did Jounouchi really die? Maybe. What was the cause? Who knows. Are the two in love? If you want them to be.

...damn, i feel like writing a companion piece now :\

Comments are appreciated as always (even if you don't know the fandom) ♥ :)
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